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Performing more complex and less common procedures. Learn about the extensive training that sets them apart.
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Synergy Between Surgery and HIPEC

What is HIPEC?

Why Have a Conversation with a Surgical Oncologist or Gynecological Oncologist

Surgical Oncologists and Gynecological Oncologists specialize in treating cancer patients, performing more complex and less common procedures. Cytoreductive Surgery is aggressive removal of all visible tumors on peritoneal surfaces that requires expertise….

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Benefits of Surgery + HIPEC

US and International Studies by Surgical Oncologists, Gynecological Oncologists, and Medical Oncologists at Comprehensive Cancer Centers, Cancer Centers, University Hospitals, Regional Hospitals and Community Hospitals have shown that Cytoreductive Surgery + HIPEC can improve survival and quality of life for candidate patients with Peritoneal/Abdominal Cancers.

If You Have Been Treated with HIPEC please join our HIPEC Support Team

Have you been treated with HIPEC?

Join the HIPEC support team – a Facebook group of individuals who are willing to share their journey through a variety of abdominal cancers in order to support those facing a diagnosis.

Most people on this team have had the HIPEC procedure done and can give a perspective which is hard to find in a medical journal.