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Covid-19 HIPEC Story featuring Dr. Richard Berri

Patient Story: Shea
Stanford Medicine

Daniel, Patient Story: Metastatic Colon Cancer

Dena"s Story (ft. Robert DeBernardo, MD)

Patient Story: Donald

Patient Story: Joanne

Danielle Liss: Patient Experience

Patient Story: Tim - DPAM Diagnosis - Nebraska Medicine

Patient Perspectives on HIPEC Treatment at St. John

Police Officer with Cancer

The HIPEC Procedure Featured on Greys Anatomy

Abdominal Cancer Treated at Riverside Methodist Hospital

VCU Massey Cancer Center now offering HIPEC for advanced abdominal cancers

Richard N Berri, MD at St John Hospital & Medical Center discusses HIPEC treatment

Military Docs Stay on Cutting Edge

CHI Health Dr. Brian Loggie

Abdominal Cancer Treated at Riverside Methodist Hospital

Abdominal Cancers treated with HIPEC

Dr. Thomas Miner discusses the treatment of peritoneal mesothelioma with HIPEC

HIPEC Cancer Surgery Performed at Florida Hospital

HIPEC Surgery Featured on Grey"s Anatomy Offered at Cancer Care Northwest

Daniel’s HIPEC journey

Dina Mother of 2

Bringing Hipec Treatment to New Orleans

Minds of Medicine: A New Approach for Rare Cancers

Shelley"s Story: Mucinous Neoplasm of the Appendix

Christine"s HIPEC story of hope

Chemo Bath Treatment on CBS 2 New York

New Procedure Offers Hope to Treat Advanced Abdominal Cancer

Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy Performed At Memorial Healthcare System

Buff Bob's HIPEC Success Story (featuring Dr. Vadim Gushchin)

I’m glad I was lying down when the doctor told me the true cause of my stomach pains. “Well, you’ve
Photo of Amy Short-Ashworth
In October 2018, Amy Short-Ashworth prepared for an advanced cancer procedure involving both surgery and chemotherapy...
"HIPEC worked for me, and if it is a possibility for others, I think they should see if it will
"It is an amazing surgery that unfortunately not many doctors and hospitals are even are aware of. I recommend MD
Mr. Brian D is a 48-year-old Suffolk County Police Officer and father of five. He has let his hair grow
“I just can’t speak highly enough about Dr. Kim. I absolutely love him and his staff, and my wife says
Gail Kinsey, was treated with HIPEC during surgery. She is a Patient of Dr. Lana Bijelic of Inova Health. Watch the
“Dr. Onesti instilled confidence from the minute I met her,” said Thies. “She is smart as a whip, and she
Harley Wilson, was treated with HIPEC during surgery to treat Colon Cancer. He is a Patient of Dr. Jan Franko of
Tauna Langridge, was treated with HIPEC during surgery to treat Appendix Cancer. She is a Patient of Dr. Evan Ong of
Lori Moon, of Lincoln, was treated with HIPEC during surgery to treat Ovarian Cancer. She is a Patient of Dr.