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Dr. Daniel Labow

System Chair of Surgery, Surgical Oncology

Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy (HIPEC)

This advanced treatment combines the surgical removal of most visible abdominal tumors with heated, cancer-fighting drugs that are delivered directly into the abdominal cavity.

Used primarily to treat advanced-stage abdominal cancers, HIPEC is an especially powerful treatment for several reasons. First, cancer cells are more vulnerable to heat than healthy cells. Second, because the chemotherapy is largely isolated to the abdomen, a more potent dose can be delivered. This maximizes the power of the drug while minimizing the toxicity and side effects typically associated with intravenous chemotherapy.

HIPEC is delivered as the second phase of a surgical procedure. During the first phase, your surgical oncologist explores the abdominal cavity to find and remove as much of the cancer as possible. Next your surgeon administers a heated chemotherapy solution that is circulated throughout the abdomen to kill off any remaining cancer cells.