In a recent interview, Cathy Phinney, a resilient ovarian cancer survivor, shares her unexpected journey with late-stage ovarian cancer and the groundbreaking HIPEC treatment at Tufts Medical Center. Despite exhibiting no typical symptoms, her diagnosis unfolded as stage 3 out of 4, emphasizing the silent nature of ovarian cancer.

Traditional treatments offer limited success for late-stage cases, prompting Dr. Katina Robison and her team to explore the promising avenue of HIPEC—Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy. This innovative approach involves heating chemotherapy to target abdominal cancers during surgery, showcasing remarkable effectiveness in recent studies. Join us as we delve into Cathy’s inspiring story, unveiling the potential of HIPEC to redefine the landscape of ovarian cancer treatment and offer renewed hope to those facing this formidable disease.

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