Primary Peritoneal Cancer

Primary Peritoneal Cancer is a rare cancer that typically affects women. The cause is unknown. Since the cells of the peritoneum are very similar to the cells found on the surface (epithelium) of the ovary, it is often treated like ovarian cancer.

Despite numerous recent advances in chemotherapy, the overall chance of chemotherapy being curative is still low, and the side effects are difficult for the patient to endure. However, when these cancers are confined to the peritoneal cavity, Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy (HIPEC) becomes an option for candidate patients.

Many of the cancers treated with HIPEC are diseases treated by multiple disciplines in medicine and surgery. It is important that patients discuss HIPEC therapy with their oncologists and surgeon who can guide their therapy appropriately. Sometimes a referral to a Surgical Oncologist or Gynecological Oncologist performing HIPEC is helpful and necessary early at the time of diagnosis. These doctors can help determine if a patient can benefit from HIPEC and then formulate a comprehensive treatment plan.

Dr. George Salti

A Patient of Dr. David Arrese

Buff Bob's HIPEC Success Story (featuring Dr. Vadim Gushchin)

Patient & Doctor Stories

Ms. Annette T

Ms. Annette T

"HIPEC worked for me, and if it is a possibility for others, I think they should see if it will work for them. I can't thank Dr. Kim enough for saving my life with his expertise. How could I be more grateful?"

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