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As you know, there are many candidate patients who are not aware of CRS+HIPEC as a possible treatment for peritoneal carcinomatosis… the goal of is to create awareness of the Surgical Oncologists and Gynecologic Oncologists offering treatment and give visitors direct access to Surgeons to discuss HIPEC.

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Complete the Surgeon Enrollment Profile form enclosed. Attach content about your HIPEC Program to include HIPEC publications, online patient stories, patient videos, HIPEC Podcasts etc.
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Visitors to your profile or HIPEC content will be able to contact you in three ways: (1) ‘Conversation with a Surgeon,’ which is a scheduling system that allows visitors to block up to 20 minutes to speak with you about HIPEC. Notifications by text and email are sent to you when a person schedules a conversation – you confirm time and call visitor at the designated time to discuss HIPEC or reschedule if you are not available at the requested time (2) Visitors completes a “Request for Consultation Form” which is emailed directly to you for follow up.(3) Visitor can call your office for appointment. Note: Your email address and phone number is blinded to site visitor.
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Contact Glenn Keeling to schedule a HIPEC Patient Webinar or a HIPEC Facebook Live Event.

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